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The new world order - Not too far from here.

People have not understood that this pandemic is designed for 18 months to 2 years (Bill Gates has already said) until it ruin countries; sow enough panic and cause misery and the ruin of everyone.

For all countries to accept and order Bill Gates mandatory vaccine and chip and still submit world government initially of the UN, which promises to handle the current pandemic and "the upcoming viruses" and the economy, for being the only salvation to get all countries out of the crisis and ruin that will leave quarantine in the world.

Then will come the reset of the economy to start a new economic system, and the new world government, because they realized that the current system is unsustainable and has few days left to live, a chronic and terminal illness and soon it will "burst the bubble".

That's what eugenic vaccine is for to eliminate as many people as possible, since after the reset there will be no work for so many people or way to keep them all.

Those who survive the eugenics vaccine (about 2000 million or less) will be 100 % controlled for a chip with DNA nanotech, that can control brain activity, nervous system and endocrine system among others. This is not theory is existing and patented technology, even designed to undermine cryptocurrency with the organisms of people who have the chip implanted.

They will impose that only bitcoin currency that Bill Gates already patented, along with the chip, which is a single patent. Of course it will be a centralized bitcoin, only controlled by a central bank. that coin will only work with the chip. everything will be controlled by the quantum super computer called the great beast, which is in Brussels.

All thanks to the speed on 5 G and Elonk Muks Satellites Network. Everything people do or say will be monitored the system. The pope will end the Catholic church and declare the unified religion unique for everyone, El Crislam. no other will be allowed. He will deliver the leadership of that new religion to a descendant leader nobility black, the longed Antichrist of Satanists, Satan's physical body on earth, possibly that same is the president of the world.

They will approve in a mandatory and worldwide "education" of gender ideology in all schools and schools around the world. Everything will be privatized to water and sun, because you won't even be able to use solar energy without paying a tax. Everything will be from corporations, police, prisons, everything will be private. Even the government will be private because it will be a totalitarian corporatocracy.

And surveillance will be total 24-7 no privacy. The government will know how many steps you walk each day and how many palpitations your heart produces. Whoever does not have that chip will be declared dangerous for security, and will not be able to buy or sell anything and eventually will be considered terrorist. The only way to survive without that chip is to survive in the woods, jungles and mountains, far away from cities. Welcome to the new world order!

Remember the prophecy of the apocalypse?

" Then I saw another beast climbing from the earth; and had two horns similar to those of a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon and he exercises all the power of the first beast in the presence of it; and makes the earth and to the inhabitants of it worship the first beast, whose sore of death was healed. And he makes great signs, so that he still brings down fire from heaven to earth before men and deceives the inhabitants of the earth by the signs that he has been given to do in the presence of the beast, commanding the inhabitants of the earth to make the image of the beast that has the knife wound, and lived. And it was given to him that he should give spirit to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast may speak; and he will cause anyone who do not worship the image of the beast to be dead. He made everyone, to the small and great, rich and poor, free and servants, to put a mark on his right hand, or on his fronts and that none could buy or sell , but whoever had the sign, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, count the number of the beast; for it is the number of man: and the number thereof, six hundred sixty-six. The beast is the deep state, the satanic elite that dominates the world with all its organizations and the image of the beast is artificial intelligence, the quantum super computer they created and is programmed to control everything through chips and the High speed internet.

Let's hope and none of this can fulfill it, but that is the agenda and the dark landscape that awaits us and even much worse if they manage to fulfill it thanks to the ignorance of the masses.


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